Garden Classes to Start Soon

Garden Classes
For those of you that miss the classes we were conducting at our Milford offices during the winter, rest assured we’ll be starting them up again very soon. This spring and early summer have been non-stop for the Outside Influence crew with several full scale landscape designs and the busiest container planting season we’ve ever enjoyed. Next time you’re out and about in Milford, Loveland or Madeira, check out some of our commercial container customers:

  • 20 Brix – Milford
  • Padrino’s – Milford
  • Lehr’s – Milford
  • By Gollys – Milford
  • Midwest Construction – Milford
  • Paxton’s – Loveland
  • Ramsey’s – Loveland
  • The Landing – Loveland
  • Swingline – Madeira (opening soon)

Within a few weeks, the summer container planting season should slow down to regular maintenance, so we’ll be able to start up our garden-inspired classes once again. We’ve been thinking about running some of the following classes, but we’d love to get your input:

  • Perennial Porch Pot
  • Succulent Bowl Garden
  • Guide to Designing Your Own Cutting Garden

Shoot an email to Jen Barlow if you favor any of the above class ideas, or have some ideas of your own. And, stay in touch through our Facebook page for details on upcoming classes.

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