Terrace Park View From the Yard
Terrace Park is unique in that it is an upscale ‘river town’ that used to be where city dwellers had their ‘weekend home’ to get away. Originally incorporated in 1893 for an exorbitant fee of $197, and representing the winter home of Robinson’s Circus, it has now grown into one of the most beautiful cities in Ohio with about 240 trees per street mile.

Outside Influence will create a design for your landscape that will not only accomplish your goals for your property, but will also blend in with the beauty and scale of your town? Whatever your dream, we can turn it into reality.

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We would love to meet you and your property. Start by calling Jen at 513-382-6051 or you can send an email from our Contact Us page.

After we meet to talk about your vision and goals, you can decide if you’d like to take it from there on your own, or if you’d like us to develop a complete design with bed shapes, grading, hardscape elements and plant lists. We can even help with the installation using our preferred contractors if you’d like.

Be influenced to love your landscape!

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