Memorial Wind Chimes

I have heard a lot of beautiful wind chimes in my day, but I am particularly enamored by the ones that are tuned in the key of G. Not sure why…just am! Anyway, they’re fairly difficult to find, especially at a reasonable price so I feel I’ve struck gold here.

Check out these Wind Chimes on Amazon to see what you think.

Kokedama Holders

Some of my favorite indoor plant “pots” are Kokedama, or Japanese Moss Balls. In fact, I give classes at our studio in creating this wonderful plant art. One of the questions I get frequestly is “Where did you get that ‘hands’ plant holder?” So, here are two to choose from…Open Hands and Upright Hands.

So, here are two to choose from on Amazon…Open Hands and Tall Hands

Outdoor Cafe Lights

These are the best outdoor string lights I have found. They’re commercial grade LED lights that come in 49 foot strings with 15 lights each. The best part is that they have an app so that you can control the color and mode right from your smartphone, or your Alexa app. No better way to set the mood on your patio or courtyard.

Check out these weatherproof Cafe String Lights on Amazon.

Solo Smokeless Firepit

A colleague pointed these out to me and I’ve used them on several designs already. They’re wood burning, smokeless, and can be used on decks or patios. Plus, they’re really cool looking! They come in several sizes as well.

And, you can buy this Solo Yukon Firepit on Amazon.

The Best Soil Knife Ever

Everyone who’s ever worked or played in the dirt knows that a soil knife is an essential piece of equipment. I’ve had (and lost) a lot of these things over the years, but I keep coming back to the AM Leonard knife! There are depth gauge measurements along the blade which are great for planting bulbs, and a twine cutting notch. Plus the pink ones benefit Breast Cancer Awareness.

Check out this Soil Knife on Amazon.