Residential Landscaping

You own a home, not just a yard. The landscaping around your home should reflect your style, your personality and your vision. The area around your home can present a warm and welcoming visage, can include a secluded oasis designed to regenerate your soul, or be a place to gather with family and friends. There are so many outdoor living elements from which to choose that your imagination can be virtually unlimited:

  • Concrete or paver patios
  • Ponds and water features
  • Gas or wood fire pits
  • Raised or contoured planting areas
  • Decks, boardwalks and bridges
  • Outdoor fireplaces and kitchens

Develop a Total Vision for Your Home

At Outside Influence, we strive to understand your goals and then bring this total vision to life with a Residential Master Plan. This plan works as the literal blueprint for every aspect of your home landscaping. For many of our clients, the actual installation of this plan doesn’t happen all at once. But, as long as the Master Plan has been developed, we can work on different sections across months or years and still maintain the integrity of your overall vision.

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Residential Landscape Design