Porch Makeovers

The newest addition, to the Outside Influence range of services are our Porch Makeovers. So new, in fact, that your home could be the first “Before and After” images on our new website. But, you’ll have to hurry because I’m currently working on my own front porch! We had to take down a really nice Maple tree in our front yard that gave up the ghost late last year, so my front porch is way too exposed. This is, in fact, what gave me the idea to start doing porch makeovers in the first place.

Think about it…porch makeovers can include planting containers, privacy screens, outdoor furniture and maybe color concrete or decking. These are things we work with all the time. Throw in some paint and maybe a wall hanging and you have a porch makeover! We’re specifically thinking about front porches at present, but it could be back porches, side porches, wrap-around porches…even Gazebos!

Let Us Take a Look at Your Porch!

I’m sure we can come up with some great ideas to make your porch both beautiful and functional for less than you might think. Start by calling me at 513-382-6051 or, if you prefer, just send an email from our Contact Us page.

Add your porch to our list of fantastic Before and After images!