Commercial Containers
“Indoor or outdoor seating?” That question is about a fifty-fifty proposition these days at local restaurants. For bistro owners and restauranteurs, it has become equally important to make their outdoor seating areas as welcoming and comfortable as their main dining room. What better way to accomplish this than with strategically positioned containers adorned with live plants. These containers can simply beautify the space, or they can act as section boundaries and privacy screening.

Present a Welcoming Vision

Similarly, retail businesses and B2C facilities need to make their entrances attractive and inviting to entice prospective customers to come in for a look! Again, this is easily accomplished with a few well-placed containers filled with colorful plants in front of your building or entryway. Municipalities can also adorn their entrances or main streets in beautiful, colorful containers as a way to welcome visitors.

Outside Influence can not only design and create your container plantings, we can maintain them year around so you always have fresh, seasonal color on display.

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Commercial Seasonal Container