My Favorite Stuff

I have heard a lot of beautiful wind chimes in my day, but I am particularly enamored by the ones that are tuned in the key of G. Not sure why…just am! Anyway, they’re fairly difficult to find, especially at a reasonable price so I feel I’ve struck gold here.

Check out these Wind Chimes on Amazon to see what you think.

Wind Chimes from Amazon

I use these small outdoor lights in a lot of my seasonable container designs. They can wrap around the outside, or get shoved into candles or even clear ornaments. The best part is they’re battery operated and have a remote that can make them twinkle!

Here’s a link to these Outdoor Lights on Amazon.

Outdoor Lights from Amazon
These may say “quilting hoops”, but they should actually say “decorative wooden garden hoops that can be stuck in a container and surrounded by greens and other stuff”! At least that’s how I’ve used them.

Here’s a link to these Special Hoops on Amazon.